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    Hogan Wines is a small, family-run business with Jocelyn Hogan Wilson as owner and winemaker. After producing award-winning wines at La Bri in Franschhoek, Jocelyn took some years out of the wine game to start a family. She returned with a bang at Cape Wine 2015 with her debut wine, a Swartland Chenin Blanc from vintage 2014.

    Jocelyn produces her wines in the Banhoek Valley, but sources grapes from various regions. No yeast is used, and minimal new oak. Through her wines, she wants to draw attention to the farmers and small-scale wine producers, like herself.

    Jocelyn’s wines are as impactful as their maker is unassuming; powerful whites and graceful, perfumed reds. She has a deliberateness in her approach and an eye for detail that is reflected in her wines. 

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