Balblair 1997 Bourbon Cask LMDW

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  • Appearance : deep golden yellow.
  • Nose : fine, ethereal. With notes of cut hay, the initial nose is also floral (lilac, violet). Next, from deeper within the glass and piercing the surface of the aromatic palette, malted barley makes its majestic entrance. Bathed in a gentle breeze, the nose becomes increasingly salty and medicinal (balm). Citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) and exotic fruit (banana, pineapple) arrive in a grand finale. By this point, the nose has becoming much more powerful.
  • Palate : delicate, scented. At first, mango and passion fruit add extra exoticism to the attack, as lavender honey spreads across the taste buds. This very aromatic entrance is particularly original. Then, on the mid-palate, malted barley comes bounding back. With lots of dessert notes, the gustatory palette lingers with notes of Aix calissons and lemon meringue pie. Just like the nose, the palate continues to increase in power, creating a very pleasant salty sensation.
  • Overall : balanced, just as perfumed. Wavering between aromatic plants (verbena, rosemary), red fruit (raspberry, wild strawberry), mineral notes (slate, sandstone) and freshly cut grass, the finish transcends the aromatic and gustatory palette. In typical Balblair fashion, the retro-nasal olfaction is serene whilst remaining robust. Refreshed by a sea breeze, it gradually moves into notes of chocolate and vanilla. The empty glass reveals fruit (apple, pear), liquorice and roots (ginger).