Duncan Taylor Exclusive Octaves

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    Founded in Scotland in 1938 as a cask broker and whisky trading company, Duncan Taylor is a rarely seen Independent Bottler in South Africa. In fact, the last time any releases were available locally was in 2016 when we bottled five exclusive releases in their Octave range.

    Well, as believers that the more variety the better, we are back again and proud to offer another four exclusive single casks from some of the most loved distilleries in Scotland, all naturally colour, non-chillfiltered and bottled at cask strength.

    The Octave range uses reconstructed ex-sherrywood octaves, which are approximately 60-litre casks, for a short finishing period to gently expand the flavour profile without overpowering the distillery character. Due to these small sized-casks, each Octave release is very limited to less than 90 bottles.

    4 products
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